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Project presentation

Project title: DNA-barcoding applied in the study of alien and/or invasive species in Romanian Fauna

Project code: 1387

Contract: 32107

Program: PNCDI-II 4 Partnership in Prioritary Domains; Research direction: 3. Environment; Competition 2008

Acronym: DNA-Bris

Project length: 36 months  1.10.2008 -  30.09.2011

Total sum of the project: 2000000 RON

The goal of the project is to develop an experimental model that will permit the monitoring of introduction/dissemination invasive animal species in Romanian, using a molecular biology technique - DNA-barcoding.

Alien species with invasive potential are considered one of the main concerns all across the globe. From 2003, in Europe, there is an official document  European Strategy on Invasive Alien Species that, through its implementation it aims to minimize the negative effects affecting the native biodiversity. This problem can be resolved using the DNA-barcoding technique that allows us to identify invasive species from the early stages of life.

DNA-barcoding is successfully used in cryptic species identification which are almost impossible to identify using only morphological traits, DNA-barcoding allows the identification of species regardless of their evolutive stage.

The general objective of the project is the implementation of DNA-barcoding technique in studying invasive species in Romania. The final result of the project will be the development of an experimental model for monitoring establishment and spreading of invasive species in Romanian fauna. This model will reunite the faunistical data and the molecular biology data from DNA-sequencing. This general objective will be accomplished through the following:

1. Development of a complex report of national relevance based on specialized literature, gathering major taxonomic groups of invasive species from Romanian fauna.

2. Inventory and collecting of continental invasive species

3. Inventory and collecting of marine invasive species

4. DNA-barcoding applied in studying continental invasive species in Romanian fauna.

5. DNA-barcoding applied in studying marine invasive species in Romanian fauna

6. Complex Web-portal to reunite faunistical and molecular biology data on invasive species from Romanian fauna